Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Perfect Basketball Jumpshot

The best jump shot is not born in a day, rather it is crafted over many hours of consistent, and repetitive shooting. Reggie Miller, Jeff Hornacek, Clyde Drexler, Jerry West, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Pete Maravic all perfected the art of shooting, after many hours in the gym.
To perfect the best jump shot, you must know the basic fundamentals of shooting. If done correctly and consistently overtime, then your craft can be perfected. These basketball players mentioned the above shot consistently everyday for years, often shooting over 1000 shots per day. In the process they mastered the fundamentals of the perfect shot.
There are four steps to the perfect shot. The foundation, elbow, pocket, and follow through. When all are inline, and working in synergy, the perfect shot is born.
The perfect jump shot starts with a good foundation. When catching the basketball your legs should be bent, and feet pointed at the basketball hoop. Your hips, chest and shoulders should be square to the hoop.
After taking the shot, all of these components should line up in the same manner. Ones feet should be pointing at the basket, and your hips, chest and shoulders square as well.